E600 HAN Multi-Purpose Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope

E600 HAN Multi-Purpose Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope
E600 HAN Multi-Purpose Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope
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E600 HAN Multi-Purpose Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope

Product Details

The model E600 HAN Multi-Purpose Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope with 6 channel outputs is a newly designed unit using the latest advanced technology. Attractive, light weight, sturdy, clinical and hospital use professional device. It features with digital displays for all settings, to show the intensity, frequency, pulse width, and time of stimulation during operation, as well as numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points.

It features with acupuncture point detection and stimulation by needles or electrodes. Specially designed with 6 different types of waveforms, in which the HAN waveform is also included. An unique design of search-to-treat probe is utilized in this device and allows immediate stimulation following its point detection.

This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features in appearance, circuitry and accessories. It is one of the most powerful Acupuncture stimulators available on the market.

Technical Specification:

Features & Advantages :

6 LCD display (0.5X0.7¡¨) for each output channels, showing the intensity level, 16 settings.

6 different colors of wires, one color for each channel.

3 LCD display (0.6X1.2¡¨) showing search sensitivity, frequency (Hz), pulse width (us), treatment time.

All settings (pulse rate, pulse width, time and output intensity) are in digital display, provide records for treatment as well as for clinical studies.

The search/stim probe includes a search-to-treat push button selector.

Low Battery warning signal, error lighting, zero start, automatic power-off if unit is unused for 5 minutes.

Sound On/Off function, Hi/Low intensity selection.

Memory: Memory the latest operation record when the unit is turned ON, or change of mode, made it very convenient for repeat or next treatment.

Storage hook for storing the connecting wires after use, without un-plug the wires. This will keep the connecting wires in good shape and condition all the time and extend the life period of use.

Special design of battery compartment for easy and proper insertion of batteries.

Contents of "E600 HAN" Package

Output channels : 6 (stimulates 12 points)
Volts & current : Low - 0 to 5 volts, 0 to 10 mA (milliamp)
(500 ohm test load))
: High - 0 to 15 volts, 0 to 30 mA (milliamp)
(500 ohm test load)
Pen probe : 0 to 32 volts, 0 to 64 mA (milliamp)
Pulse shape : Symmetric, Bi-phasic square wave
Pulse Width : 50 to 400 £gS, adjustable
Pulse Rate : 0.5, 0.7, 1 - 500 Hz adjustable
Output modes : Continuous, Intermittent, Ripple, Dense & disperse, Modulate, Han mode Timer 0 to 60 minutes and Continuous
Skin impedance monitoring : LCD meter 0 to 200 scale and sensitivity setting 3 levels: L5, L10, L20 with Sound On/Off function
Power Source : 6 standard 1.5 volt C size batteries Size, Weight 11.8¡¨ x 8.3¡¨ x 2.5¡¨ (298x208x60 mm), 870 grams
Safety Class : Type BF
Contents of "E600 HAN" Package

Multi-purpose Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope 1 pc. Search / Stimulation probe with hand grip electrode 1 pc. Connecting wire (6 colors) 6 pcs. Pin lead to alligator clip adaptor 6 pcs. DC 1.5V battery 4 pcs. Instruction Manual 1 pc. The unit and its accessories are packed in a strong paper carton box

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